This tall E.M Edward Miller lamp base is made using a stamped brass classic wreath design over a weighted cast iron bottom.  The detailed column design is made of white metal circa 1920's.  Its Neo classic column and circular wreath design will support many shade designs.  Your shade design for this period base would typically be a Bradley and Hubbard white metal shade with detail filigree from landscape to floral.  It could also be a very simple Handel design with decorative glass and no overlay letting the base design be the focus.  Because of the base weight and height I would suggest your shade be on the large size 18-19" depending on the shape.  Built using Hubbell sockets this antique Miller table lamp base was a quality lamp when it was new.  This 100 year old antique lamp appears to be well maintained and shows no damage or notable issues other than age, wear and use.  

Sizes and specs are estimates

  • 21 1/2" height
  • 8" base
  • Double Hubbell porcelain sockets with long 8" satellite pull chain ends
  • Cast iron base covered with brass. White metal parts
  • 1/4" threaded male top
  • New 8' braided brown rayon polarized cord set

B110 EM Edward Miller lamp base FOR SALE

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