This traditional antique column lamp base is made of white metal with a plated brass finish on the bottom part.  The middle column is a fluted brass tube with a decorative metal capping.   Column lamps were simple in design and strong in character.    The  100 year old brown aged antique brass finish looks great.   Matching circle F fat boy porcelain sockets with 6" tassel ends.  Because the base design is period but simple in construction and design you can use almost any style shade for the slag glass lamp period.  This is a very stable base with a medium height and large base.   So your shade diameter would ideally be 18-19" in diameter depending on its shape. I would say its been well maintained and shows no damage or notable issues other than age and use.  Rewired and ready to use.

Sizes and specs are estimates

  • 20 1/2" height
  • 7 3/4" base
  • Double matching circle F porcelain sockets with 6" tassel pull chain ends
  • Cast iron plated brass base with 1" flute and round brass tubes
  • 1/4" male threaded finial
  • New reproduction 8' braided brown rayon cord set with polarized end

B106 Traditional antique column lamp base

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