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Tiffany lamp repair

Slag glass lamp repair

Restoring bent slag glass antique lamps with museum quality  SINCE 1978

  • Tiffany, Handel, Bradley & Hubbard lamp repairs
  •   Historical lighting restoration
  •  Church restoration
  • Historical heirloom restoration and conservation
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    I will bring to your unique project over 40 years experience, knowledge and resources.  Working for churches, architectural lighting companies, historical building groups and antique lighting dealers.

I can best help you after you email pictures
To complete your quote for restoration if you include the following.
1. Pictures of both the inside and outside of the lamp.
2. The dimensions Length x Height.
3. The number of broken pieces.
4. Metal issues or glass issues I may not see in the pictures.

I will include suggestions and comments along with links regarding shipping and packaging.

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Phone: 401-314-6005 (non text line)

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  • Custom Mold $145
  • Bent Glass Panels $185+
  • Metal work $50 hr.
  • Plus Return Shipping

slag glass lamp repairTiffany lamp repairTiffany stained  glass repair

Tiffany stained glass lamp repairs and restoration

for antique slag glass lighting.

White Metal Repairs

Slag glass lamp frame repairs | Brass - Zinc - White Metal - Pot Metal - Copper - Bronze  Click HERE to view my many workbench articles

 Whether you just found the slag glass table lamp of the century in the back barn or at an estate sale.  Maybe inherited a Tiffany stained glass lamp or Handel lamp that needs a little love.  My old world craftsmanship and  skills can help you.  My knowledge of lighting , materials and contacts will be at your service.  White metal with filigree work was known for its ability to retain detail when removed from its master mold.  It formed at a very low temperature which made it faster and cheaper to use.  Most lamp frames consisted of 3-8 sections of metal that had to be alloy soldered together.  Separations, cracks or breaks between these sections are easily repaired and can retain the same strength as when manufactured.  Other times when tears or breaks occur in the middle of a section the repair will be performed on the interior.  On the interior of the break in most cases I create a bridge with copper that will give the break extra support.   Depending on the original metal finish the repair may be less noticeable.  In most cases it will be like a hair line.   Table lamps with missing white metal parts presents an extensive restoration process were removing an existing metal part and casting  a new part.

bradley and hubbard lamp frame repairBent slag glass lamp frame for saleSlag glass lamp parts