This antique French fleur de lis white metal lamp base is simple and sleek with a gloss lacquer finish.  The lines are crisp and clean.  The center motif design is symbolic of the flower which is one of the oldest historical design elements still used today.  The cluster top still has the matching old 1920's Weber sockets.  Each Weber has porcelain sockets with 8" ball pull chains.   Your shade design for this period base could be just about any style from classical to floral.  Again the metal design is so simple and clean refined the shade would be the focus and the base would be the stand.   Because of the base foot print I would suggest your shade could be on the large size 18-20" diameter.  Overall this antique table lamp base is in very good condition with signs of aging to the original lacquer finish on the metal base.   On the base bottom you can see how the lacquer has tarnished to a rich gold hue with some aging spotting.   

Sizes and specs are estimates

  • 21 1/2" height
  • 9" base
  • Double Weber porcelain sockets with long 8" ball pull chain ends
  • Lacquered white metal base
  • 1/4" female threaded hickey under heat cap
  • Re  wired with 8' braided brown rayon cord set with polarized plug end

B107 Antique Fleur de lis style lamp base

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